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Is your existing marble looking dull?

We can bring it back to shine!

Day-to-day home life can turn your beautiful marble surfaces into stained, scratched, dull, opaque and etched ones. Marble may seem quite solid, but it is actually a porous and absorbent material. Our highly specialized methods and trained personnel can easily restore it. Whether marble in the kitchen or in the bathroom, we can get rid of that old, worn out and wasted appearance and to bring back the original natural shine and glow of your marble surfaces.

Give us a call and the beauty and elegance of your counter tops, floors, walls and vanity tops will be back in no time!



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We have a "can do" actitude that we take a job from start to finish and beyond.

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With over sixteen years of experience working on marble and natural stone restoration, maintenance and installation, we will be glad to give you our best advice.

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Located in New York

We provide installation, refinishing, maintenance and restoration services of floors, walls, countertops, fireplaces, etc.


Need help? Don't hestiate to ask us something. Email us directly or call us at +718 445 2351. You can checkout our FAQ and Help page to get more information about our services.